Innovation: to remain competitive, we understand at Alion that constant innovation is key. Innovation comes in many shapes and forms: new original products, new product usages, new packagings and new processes.

For example, Alion ready to eat salads are packaged in Pattruss Z (Zed) a very innovative packaging made for vegetables, which has a resalable zipper and large capacity. This bag made of transparent film is reusable. Consumers can consume vegetables little by little over time while taking their Pattruss Z bag in and out from the refrigerator. Pattruss Z keeps the freshness of the vegetables for a long period of time thanks to its excellent durability and preservation features.

Sustainability: to respect the environment and the biodiversity is key to Alion’s long-term growth. Therefore, we apply good agricultural practices and we monitor our water and energy consumption closely. For example, our covered production thanks to shadow nets use 75 percent less water than alternative methods. Another example is the company’s solar energy system that we installed on the factory roof and which supplies 40 percent of our energy needs. Ethical trading is also at the heart of our production process, and we are certified with GRASP and SMETA.

Customer Satisfaction: to export to new markets, we understood that it was key to prove to our clients that we can deliver the best products, of the best quality possible, consistently, answering to their strictest specifications. Therefore, we made sure that our facilities have the necessary equipment that makes the products and their packaging resistant to retain aroma and flavor until they reach their destination. At Alion we promise our customers that we deliver their products within 10 hours from the time they place their order. Yearly, we send a survey to assess our customers’ satisfaction and to take the corrective measures necessary to always improve.

Meet Alion

Built from the ground up by Theodoros Zavos and his cousin Panikos Papaloizou in 1990, Alion has grown from strength to strength and has become today a state-of-the art enterprise thanks to the dedication and the passion of its people, without forgetting its roots nor its family values.

A leader in the domestic market in both the retail and the HORECA sector, it exports its fresh products in more than 25 countries, keeping up delivering products of the highest quality from the field to the customer, with the best customer service possible.

In order to stay ahead of the game, research never stops and Alion keeps on looking for innovative ways to produce as well as new products while always respecting the environment.

Cyprus sun is omnipresent in Alion. The very name of Alion originates from the Greek word for the sun, and it is the sun that makes the climate of Cyprus so mild giving to the plants more aroma and flavor than anywhere in the world.

In 2008, a new 4000m² innovative packing facility – located in Pera Chorio, Nisou – went into operation. During its construction, the necessary specifications and criteria for an advanced up-to-date packing facility as well as all relevant EU regulations were followed.

Alion’s vision is to help its consumers to live a healthier way of life by providing them healthy products of the best quality possible.

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