Healthy Veggies


Our company with collaboration with CP Foodlab Ltd, have earned the HealthyVeggies proposed project Program RESTART 2016-2020 for Research, Technological development and innovation from the Research and Innovation Foundation.

The major aim of the HealthyVeggies project is to establish a more economic, improved and efficient production line for washed salads. Through the HealthyVeggies project, the company examines some major parameters that are believed to affect the quality characteristics of the washed products.

In addition, our company will incorporate tests in order to examine the reuse of water used to wash the proposed goods, for irrigation purposes. This will have as an attempt to minimize its overall cost of production and promote a more environmentally friendly production cycle.

The project involves a carefully designed experimental plan that is being executed with cooperation with CP Foodlab Ltd, the leading laboratory for chemical and microbiological analysis of food and environmental samples in Cyprus.

  • Acronym: HealthyVeggies
  • Category: National Projects
  • Funding: Research & Innovation Foundation
  • Program: Research in Enterprises
  • Other Partners: CP Foodlab Ltd